Friday, 14 June 2019

Dazzling diamonds glitter..

Well it's Friday so it's  the last day of sharing for me šŸ˜Š my last samples for the week are perhaps some of the simplest.  But simple doesn't mean boring šŸ˜Š
Today's samples show that you can add sparkle to your projects with pattern paper.  I've taken 2 piece of paper and added sparkle using 2 different methods. The dark blue/green paper made me think of space and the universe so I decided to add some splatters of glitter to create a feeling of stars. I mixed tombow multi purpose adhesive with a few drops of water. Then used a brush to splatter it across the paper. Then I sprinkled the glitter on top and left it to dry. Once dry I used a soft brush to remove the excess glitter and voila šŸ˜
For the light blue/ green pattern paper I applied the tombow with a sponge randomly.  I was trying to replicate the splodgey effect of the paper. Spinkle with glitter, dry, brush of excess and again voila a piece that is not only beautiful but unique.
Well as I said that's it from me for this week. Gill will be sharing her talent with us next week so please join us for more inspiration and creativity next week.
Have fun
Cary xx

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