Friday, 7 June 2019


Well today is the last day of this weeks posts highlighting #simplestamping.  And todays card is another very clean and crisp card. But it does show how each cilour ink can have more than one shade in it. If you're an avid crafter you may have heard of generational or 2nd impression stamping. What that means is that you ink ip a stamp, stamp as usual but instead of reinking the stamp you huff over it to remoisten the ink. Then you stamp with it and it gives a lighter shade or tone of the original stamped image. You can repeat the process several more times depending on the original colour. What this does is give you beautiful tones and shades to work with. It also gives you more for your investment in the ink pad...more for your money has got to be good yes?
Today's sample shows 3 different colours and their 2nd generation colour in a very simple but striking way.
I do hope you'll have a go its a nice , #simplestamping,  technique that ever crafter can enjoy.
Have a great weekend and see you next week.
Have fun
Cary xx

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