Thursday 16 July 2020

Throwback Thursday Zany Zebras

Today's card started because whilst waiting for yesterday's Zany Zebras watercolour card, see previous post πŸ˜‰, to dry. I started to think about the zebras stripes and as they say the light bulb went onπŸ’‘ !!
So I took a peice of black card and cut some random squiggle strips. I then stuck them onto the piece of magenta madness cardstock. I then trimmed off the over hanging bits of black card.
New I remembered a technique that was all the rage a few years ago embossing folder quilting. 
For this you either paper piece or layer differnt pieces of card together and then put the it in an embossing folder and put it threw a die cutting machine.
The effect it has is to somehow fuse the card into a single layer. Depending on which folder you use can effect the look of your finished piece. 
I used a quite delicate folder which doesn't show up to well in the photo's but in real life it gives a lovely effect. 

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