Tuesday 14 July 2020

Tip tricks and techniques Zany Zebras

Today is more Zany Zebras but with a little technique that can be used with any stamps. Called masking the technique allows you to create the illusion that an object is behind another or in this case on top of each other 😅
The way I create my masks is to take a pad of sticky notes and stamp the image close to the sticky edge. Then peel off 3 or 4 notes along with the image and cut along the solid lines through all 4 or 5 layers at once. Much quicker to cut 4 at a time 😉. If you don't need them all for that particular project I suggest that you pop them in the stamp case ready for anyther time. Another tip is to use the bottom one first so that you leave the stamped image visable for future reference 😉 
Below are pictures showing how I created the front of the card.
First thing to note is that this card is a DL sized card 21cm x 19.8cm scored at 9.9cm as this allows for a nice tall tower of tumbling Zany Zebras!
Using my sticky note masks I worked out a rough plan of placement for zebras. I then stamped my first, base zebra and covered it with the corresponding mask. Now I  stamped the second zebra so that it's back legs stamped over the mask. Cover this zebra with a mask and  repeat  until you have the completed tower . Now for the fun part remove the masks to reveal your funky tower of zebras!
This is a great technique that gives you lots of scope with stamps and allows you to create crowd scenes, have leaves behind flower, and the list goes on. 
I hope you like today's sample and agree that these Zany Zebras are such fun and make for some quirky projects. 
zany zebras masking technique stampin up

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