Monday 4 January 2021

Make it simple Monday Darling Donkeys

How would you like a sneek peek at a gorgeous stamp set from an upcoming Stampin Up promotion? And the best thing is that it's  a free set!! Yes you read that right !! Free product! But more about that later lets start with the fun stuff. Let me introduce you to the Darling Donkeys .

Aren't they the cutest?? These fun images are sure to make the recipients smile šŸ˜ƒ 

For today's #simplestamping card I've used a really simple way to add colour to an image. I  was inspired to use the technique from a fellow demo but sadly didn't save her post so don't have her name šŸ˜¢ if you do know please comment below so I can edit the post to give due credit.

The technique is called pointilism. Vincent Van Gogh used it so it must be good šŸ˜‰. But the real reason I'm using it for my card today is that it's super simple and can be done using any colouring tool such as felt tip markers, colouring pencils , alcohol marker....even just a pencil! 

Stamp your image then take your pens or pencils and dot around the image. I used 3 tones of 1 colour,  pink. A light, mid and dark tone. I started with the light and dotted closely together all around the donkey. I allowed a few stray dots to extend out. Then I took the mid tone pen and did the same but putting the dots a bit further apart but still starting close to the stamped lines. Next I took the dark pen and added fewer dots but making sure that some extended out. Then I went back to my light pen and added dots where I tought I needed them.

Whilst I had my pens out I also did a small strip of dots to decorate the inside of my card. Just for that finishing touch šŸ™‚

Darling Donkeys stamlin up simplestamping fun easy colour technique

So here it is my #simplestamping card for my first post of 2021.


  1. Simple stamping but lovely effect. Thank you

  2. Adore this stamp set and love what you've done with it

    1. Thank you šŸ˜Š it's a favourite of mine too šŸ˜Š