Friday 1 January 2021

Make it simple Monday Vine Design

 Monday's are all about keeping it simple. And today's card shows how a stamp set such as this one called Vine Design can keep it simple easily! 

Vine design stampin up simple stamping easy thinking of you card

 #simplestamping is something we try to do to show that not every card must use lots of products or have shed loads of skills and techniques to make it beautiful. It is also about making sure that stamping and card making is acheveivable by any one whether new to paper crafting or not. It's also great to get back to basics sometimes for those of us who have been stamping a while. 

The first card uses just ink , stamp and card. I like to show how stamping doesn't have to be complicated and is easily achieved.  

Simple stamping vine design stamping up

Now #simplestamping can also be the starting point for other cards. The card below is what I call a stepped up version. It uses the same stamps and inks but includes coloured cardstock and something that everu crafter needs regardless of experience... bling!!!!

Stampin up vine design thinking of you a little bit more card

For this card I used minimal suplies. A small circle punch was used  to create the  notched corners. And I embellished it with some self adhesive sequins to add a little something.

Now I have a question for you. What would you advise someone to get who is just starting their stamping journey? Me I'd  tell them a good pair of scissors, a good trimmer, 3d foam and double sided tape, and some bling because it was invented to cover those little mistakes đŸ˜‰ 

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