Thursday 27 May 2021

Throwback Thursday Party Puffins

 For today's card I was inspired by one that I saw on Google.  It showed a card using a technique that I'd forgotten about... shocking I know 😲. The technique is called the masking tape technique and I thought it would be fun to do with today's Part Puffins card.

So all you need are ink pads, masking tape ( also called painters tape) and cardstock.  Open your ink pad and tear a strip of  masking tape. Then gently place the tape onto the ink pad. 

Ink pad technique masking tape technique Stampin Up

Next place the tape, ink side down, onto the piece of cardstock.  Now for my card I had stamped and masked one of the puffins onto my cardstock first.

Masking tape technique party puffins stampin up

Now gently remove the tape to reveal the colour on the cardstock. 

Party Puffins stampin up masking tape technique

Now you can do this as may times as you like. It makes a unique background every time which is such fun.

Once I'd applied the tape 3 times over my puffin I was ready to complete my card.

Party Puffins stampin up

Next I added a few jewels and a sentiment and I was happy with my card. 

Stampin up party puffins masking tape technique

Can you see the cheeky puffin I stamped on the inside? Here's a better look at him
Party Puffins stampin up

I hope you are too and will give this simple way to create unique fun backgrounds a go.

Party Puffins masking tape technique Stampin Up