Saturday 29 May 2021

Gatefold Cascade Card Tutorial

 This card is super fun to create and I thought it would be fun to create a video tutorial to share with you.  Below are the measurements for the card. I have created this project in metric measurements to fit a standard C6 envelope. 

Gatefold cascade card tutorial

The card is the same as the one in a previous post which you can see  Here 

For today's tutorial I have used patterned paper from an exclusive 2021/2022 selection of host rewarss from Stampin' Up! Called Pattern Party 

So to start you will need to create the Gusseted Gatefold card base. For this you will need a piece of cardstock measuring 14.85cm x 21cm. Score along from both ends at 5.1cm and 5.5cm.

Decorate with 4 pieces of patterned paper measuring 14.4cm x 4.5cm.  I used 2 panels for the outside front of the card and the remaining 2 patterned paper pieces go on the inside of the front panels. 

Now put the card base to one side and create the cascade part. You will need 2 pieces of cardstock measuring 14.85cm x 21cm.  Score each piece at 5cm, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm. 

Now lightly mark at 4cm with a pencil on the bottom left  corner of the first panel. ( keep the narrow panel on the right-hand side). You need to cut diagonally from the mark upto the top right-hand corner of the 4th scoreline. ( see the video) I cut both pieces at once so they were identical.

Discard the top portion and reinforce the folds  on each piece.  Next mark the center point of the 10cm score line on each piece. On one piece snip up to the mark and on the other snip down to the mark. Watch the video to see how I did this and put it all together. 

To decorate the cascade part you will need strips pattern paper 2 each of the below

 14.4cm x 4.5cm

14x 4.5cm,  mark at 11.5cm

11cm x 4.5cm, mark at 9.5cm

8.5cm x 4.5cm,  mark at 6cm

6cm x 4.5cm, mark at 3.5cm

Once the cascade is decorated and attatched to the card base all that is left is the belly band. For this you will need a piece of acrd measuring 3cm x 25cm . Score at 7cm, 7.5cm, 18cm and 18.5 cm. I  have decorated it with a strip of patterned paper measuring 2.5cm x 24.5cm.

Here is the link to the video Here

I do hope that you will have a go at this fun card.

Have fun 


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