Friday, 4 October 2019

Mercury glass acetate...

Happy Friday the weekend starts here 😁....
As the nights are drawing in and the weather turns damp and dismal,  well here in the northern hemisphere that is 😉, thoughts turn towards Christmas!! Christmas is a great time for crafters and not just to make cards there's lots we can make to gift to those we love and care about. So with that in mind I turned to the oh so versatile and gorgeous Mercury Glass acetate for the last time this week to creat some gift packaging ideas.
The simplest idea is the pillow box. All you need is a plate and a scoring tool. First create a tube of acetate, then flatten with the seam in the center back. Next take a plate, or other suitable circular object, place at one end so that it connects the corners on a semi circle.  Score repeatedly on both sides to get a good scored line. Then repeat at the other end. Now just fold the curved parts inward and the box is done! I've used a simple ribbon tie to act as both securing and decoration.
The other 2 boxes are both made ysing cardstock,  mercury glass acetate, pattern paper and ribbon.
Well that's it from me please join me next week to see what delights Gill will be sharing with us.
Have fun
Cary xx


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