Wednesday 23 June 2021

Watercolour Wednesday All Squared Away bundle

 The first time I saw the dies that are a part of the All Squared Away Bundle I just knew what I'd like to use them for!!

And here it is....

Watercolour wash window all Squared Away Stampin up

The DL card card base is just perfect for these cute die cut squares. I inlaid the die cuts back into the appatures to create windows in a white cardstock mat.

Then I took another piece of white cardstock that was a little smaller than the die cut mat. Using a waterpainter and ink and created 3 simple watercolour washes roughly in line withe the die cut appatures. 

I chose 3 bright bold colours of ink and once the watercolour wash was about right I spritzed and splattered them with water. This just gives the finished pieces a little more umph.

Watercolour wash splatters and spritzed all Squared Away Stampin up

The sentiment should have been stamped directly but I got carried away with mounting the die cut mats on to 3d foam 😅 . So the sentiment went onto a narrow stip and that was how I overcame that little problem 😉

This card makes me smile it's  bright and bold and a little retro flower power 🌼. I hope it makes you smile too. 🌞

Watercolour wash die cut appature dl card all Squared Away Stampin up

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