Tuesday 13 July 2021

Technique Tuesday - Bamboo Beauty

 Thank you for stopping by our blog post today. Continuing with the Bamboo Beauty stamp set, today's technique, such as it is, is layers. Japanese culture I understand is calm, ordered and structured and I have attempted to show all of these today. The strong gray, otherwise known as Basic Gray, is              co-oordinated with Basic White card for the pure simplicity of monochrome which I love to see.  Bamboo Beauty has been a real pleasure to play with already this week. 

The design on my card is so simple but my family say it looks classy! Whether it does or not is up to you but my only thing to say is that no matter how simple a stamp set looks, look beyond what you first see and play with all of the stamps. I really have enjoyed all of the stamps in this set and at only £20 it's a brilliant investment. Have fun with all of your stamp sets, they really are worth playing with all of the time.  More information on the stamp set HERE  it will open up in a new page.



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