Tuesday 20 July 2021

Tips, Tricks and Techniques Tuesday Peekaboo Farm

 My top tip for today's Tips, Tricks and Techniques Tuesday is don't craft in the middle of the day in the middle of a heat wave!! I  had decided to create a blended background forgetting how quickly ink can dry!!! 🤣 but still it was worth it as I got to use the super cute Peekaboo Farm some more 😉

I used 3 colours and sticky notes and blending brushes to create the background.  First I masked off 2/3rds of the white cardstock mat. Then blended the first colour all over. I then masked of the area I'd added colour too and the middle third. Leaving the other end free to colour. Once that was done I masked off the two ends and coloured the center.

Next I stamped all the farm gang, Percy the pig, Lily the lama,  Dobbin the horse, Robert the ram,and Daisy the cow. And coloured them. Then it was time to fussy cut!! 

Once they were all ready I used thin strips of white card to act as walls to stand the animals behind. I used 3d foam to adhere the strips and animals to the card front. 

I stamped my sentiment into the middle of the middle row. And I was done! 

Peekaboo farm Stampin up blended background

Isn't it the most adorable celebrity squares every??? Now if you don't remember that tv show I'm really showing my age 🤣 ( it was a quiz show that ran on tv for about 20 years at the end of the last millennium here in the UK 🤣)

Any way I think the heat may be getting to me so I'll  sign off for now and go and put my feet in my grandson's paddling pool to cool off!! 

Peekaboo farm Stampin up

Peekaboo farm Stampin up

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