Thursday 8 July 2021

Throwback Thursday You're a Peach

 When did you start crafting? Is a question I've been asked and asked a lot!! And the answer is since childhood πŸ˜… I remember making flour and water paste and cutting and sticking paper to make pictures. I also remember making pinwheels ....So fast forward a few...uhmmmm quite a few years πŸ˜… to today and my tools might be a bit more advanced but I still love playing with paper and glue and making pinwheels. But this time I'm using the beautiful You're a Peach pattern paper and the gorgeous cardstock from Stampin' Up!

You're a Peach Stampin up

So I took some 4cm squares of pretty paper and folded them diagonally from corner to corner in bothe directions. Next I snip up each fold line 3/4's of the way. Now I fold the corners in and adhere them in the center. ( if in doubt check out YouTube πŸ˜‰)

Next I made a DL card base in green and cut a white mat to fit. I then used the cloud dies from fantastic Give it a Whirl dies.

Give it a Whirl dies Stampin up

I die cut out a selection of the cloud dies out of white cardstock and adhered them onto the top area of the mat.

I then die cut out 3 stems and 3 leaves from the Peach dies

Peach dies Stampin up

 I then cut a strip of the green patterned papers and snipped into it to create grass.

Then I simply placed the stems and leaves  and flowers , πŸ˜‰ pinwheels that is, on to the mat then finished by placing the grass strip over the bottom of the stems.

So when did you start crafting? 

You're a Peach stampin up pinwheel fun card

Pinwheel card you're a Peach stampin up

Fun ways to use pattern paper pinwheel card stampin up you're a Peach

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