Monday 19 October 2020

Make it simple Monday Gorgeous Posies

 Hello and welcome to the first of this weeks posts. I had an amazing weekend!! On Saturday we held a charity crafting session all day via videoconferencing.  The wonderful participants all received the stunning Gorgeous Posies kit. The stunning Gorgeous Posies stamp set is available separately.  So having had a fab day playing with the kit I thought I'd share some inspiration using the stamp set this week.

So for today's #simplestamping project I have created 3 samples identical in design but using only one colour ink for each design. I have chosen to use the three primary colours of red, blue and yellow. I have also used a technique that is great for beginner stampers called generational stamping. This simple technique makes the most of an individual ink pad and is the reason I always advice those starting out on their stamping journey to choose a darker shade of ink.

Generational stamping is where you ink once and stamp multiple times. In the photo below I stamped the flower 6 times from just 1 inking! So ink up your stamp and stamp. Now gently breathe, or huff as I call it, onto the stamp to reactivate the ink left on the stamp. (This only works on water based ink pads as the moisture in the breathe adds water to the remaining ink.) 

Now stamp again and repeat for as may times as you like or until all the ink has been used 🙂

I find this simple technique adds depth and texture to a project as well as allowing you to create gorgeous tonal colours on a project.

Well I hope you'll have another look at the inks you have and explore the other colours that you can create using them. 

You can purchase the beautiful kit HERE

simple stampin gorgeous posies stampin up ink technique

 gorgeous posies stampin up easy card

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