Monday 12 October 2020

Make It Monday


Hello and welcome back this week. Well, just for a change Cary has once again excelled herself with all of last weeks projects, they are all beautiful. Well done Cary. So it's back to me, I have no idea what's going on with me at the moment as I am so busy with so many things and everything I get involved with seems like it's getting bigger and bigger and doesn't work the way I want it to!  Is it just me or do you sometimes have periods like that too? Crazy isn't it?
Anyway, more important things, today's card is a perfect example of this last few weeks. So far I have made this card 5 times! Why it wouldn't go right I have no idea as it is so very simple, it's crazy! Once I had eventually stamped the images in the right way round!
I have never really liked holly bushes so why I purchased this stamp set, I have no idea but I'm very glad now that I did! The set is called Joyful Holly from Stampin' Up! and it is such a very easy card to make (once I got myself sorted)! I stamped the tip of one of the holly stems onto the white mat several times around the edges and added a little colouring on the berries in red and it's complete. Simple! I stamped it in black ink and with the berries and the messages in red to complete this one. 

 joyful holly easy stamped card simple stamping Christmas card stampin up


 Well that's my very simple card for today. Please try and make your own simple cards and share them with Cary and I as we would love to see them. 

As a result of this stamp set, I am now much happier about holly trees. Very strange am I not?

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