Wednesday 21 October 2020

Watercolour Wednesday Gorgeous Posies

 Well it sure it full of water this watercolour Wednesday here in my small part of the world!! It's raining cats and dogs!! I'm so glad that the colour pallette I chose for today's Gorgeous Posies inspiration has flashes of bright colour! Far more cheerful than the grim, grots and grimey weather I've got. I hope some of you are having far better lucky in the weather department.

Well there is one thing about the rain that's always fascinated me and thats when you see water on the oily patch of road. What's  that got to do with today's card I hear you cry!! Well hang in there and I'll explain.

For the watercolour background today I mixed water and alcohol! First create a nice wet watercolour wash over wet watercolour paper. Now the trick is to get it wet but not too wet so I suggest you play with this technique a few times to get the right amount of wetness. Next put some isopropyl alcohol into a spritzer bottle. 

Now the fun begins spritzer the alcohol over the wet watercolour paper and watch the effect. The alcohol and water don't mix and the alcohol pushes the water away. It's great fun to watch. The finished effect is spots and speckles on the background. Sadly my photps don't do the effect justice so you'll have to have a go yourself to get a better idea 😏

Anyway I'm off with my brolly and wellies to face the wet stuff. Have a fun day x

All products used, except the isopropyl alcohol,  can be found HERE

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