Wednesday 7 October 2020

Watercolour Wednesday Ornamental Envelopes

 Today's card is using a technique I've never used in theis way before. Called Watercolour colour off it envolves using clear embossing powder. It is a variation of the Joseph's coat technique. I used the dies from the Ornamental Envelopes in a non envelope way all in all a mix up of techniques and uses πŸ˜…

First I made myself a mask using vellum and one of the dies from the Ornamental Envelopes dies.  I used one of the envelope cut out dies 3 times on the piece of vellum.

I then took a piece of shimmery white cardstock,which is great for watercolour , and created a simple 2 colour watercolour wash. I used a pretty mint colour and a lilac colour. The wash was quick dark and intense with colour.

Next I used the vellum mask. Carefully positioned it over the cardstock and taped both down using low tack tape. Now I took my versamark ink pad and carefully applied ink over the mask so that it went through the holes. Carefully  removing the mask I then used clear embossing powder and a heat tool to heat embossed the area.

Now the fun begins!. With a water brush, clean water, and some kitchen towel to hand, starting at one end drop small droplets of water over the colour and use your brush to reactive the ink. With the kitchen towel dab the ink away. 

The parts covered with clear embossing resist the water and remain the stronger colour. Like magic you now have two colour tones for each colour!! πŸ˜€ It might be a bit strange to add colour and then remove it but I love the effect and can think of countless stamp sets and masks that this will work beautifully with. πŸ™‚

I was having so much fun that I decided to decorate my envelope with a watercolour wash and some of the beautiful stamps frombthe Ornamental Envelopes stamp set too. Leave no area undecorated is my motto at the moment πŸ˜…

watercolour stampin up Ornamental Envelopes heat embossing mask fun technique

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