Tuesday 19 April 2022

Technique Tuesday - - Whale Done

 For technique Tuesday today my card is a simple technique that I like to call a spy hole. I'm sure there is a proper name for it but I like mine! Using Whale Done today I started by taking a C6 mat of Basic White card 10cm by 14.4cm and started stamping the plants, fish etc all over it. Then the fun began! I taped the 2 pieces together so that neither would move. Then taking one of the Layering Circle dies, approximately 5cm or 2" in diameter, I cut out the circle through both mats. I peeled the tape off and placed another slightly larger die over the aperture of  only the top, stamped mat and cut it once again. This was then fixed to the card base  and lined up the holes nicely for a good border. 

I then proceded to stamp the turtle and a few more fish so that they would show through at different angles. A few simple sentiments and the card is completed. 


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